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kcontrol crashed bei Auswahl "Soundsystem"


I have a problem with the Control Center. Whenever I klick on Sound & Multimedia --> Soundsystem kcontrol crashes with

The application KDE Control Center (kcontrol) crashed and caused the
signal 11 (SIGSEGV).
--- 8< ---

I found a bug report, but it's only about the system notification.
Before this happend for the first time I newly installed alsa. on my woody box with kde 3.1.4 and kernel 2.4.24 In the control center I choose as Soundsystem "alsa". Since then I never could go back. Is this a new bug or is it a failure somewhere else. Where can I search for the reason, and where is the config file to change things by hand?

I didn't find anything in the log files. Neither /var/log/syslog , .../messages or .../kde.log tells something about it.

Ulrich Fürst

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