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Re: Graphics in KDE 3.2

Le Mercredi 25 Février 2004 20:30, Bob Tilley (AT&T) a écrit :
> There are many times that the appearance of KDE dialogs or other KDE
> windows are distorted.  The dialogs may be too narrow for the text, borders
> may be misaligned by one pixel, the text-entry areas may not be
> sufficiently wide or tall for the size of the window (this is especially
> true on pop-up messages), or other subtle errors.

The problem get even more complex with internationalization. The translation 
of an English string in French or German can be longer or shorter than the 
original and ruin the geometry of the dialog box.

> In no way am I trolling or otherwise insulting KDE.  I was a Macintosh user
> back when the platform was based on the Motorola 68xxx (Mac, Mac Plus, Mac
> Centris) chip and now I use a home-built PC, Linux, and kernel 2.6.  I have
> noticed these minor errors in KDE 3.2 and I'm sure they will be changed in
> future releases.

It will be changed if they are bug reports filed. We have at KDE a new quality 
project : http://kde.ground.cz/tiki-index.php?page=KDE+Quality+Team that aim 
to adress the myriad of small quality problems that still exist in KDE and to 
help developers. Volunteering and adopting one of your pet KDE application as 
a janitor is a good way to contribute back even if you have little free time.



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