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Graphics in KDE 3.2

There are many times that the appearance of KDE dialogs or other KDE windows are distorted.  The dialogs may be too narrow for the text, borders may be misaligned by one pixel, the text-entry areas may not be sufficiently wide or tall for the size of the window (this is especially true on pop-up messages), or other subtle errors.

I think what I've described above are actually Qt errors.  I recently purchased the book, "Programming Qt with C++", so as I read this question may answer itself.  I ask these questions as I have several projects and would like to use "proper and accepted" coding standards.

Proceeding, I think the the occurences described above are resulting from a lack of inter-object communication.  Example:  In a dialog, the text area will use a certain font.  Every object within the dialog should be aware of every font face and font size used with the dialog and able to adjust itself accordingly for greatest aesthetics.  The size of the dialog can be adjusted so that: 1) The windows is correctly sized with attractive borders, OR 2) The text is drawn in a scrolling field that the user can manipulate to view the entire text.  You get the idea.

The Macintosh platform is renowned for the cleanliness and efficiency of it's interface.  If this phenomena is not Qt-related, it is possible for the KDE UI to approach this landmark?  Perhaps more attention should be payed to inter-object communication?

In no way am I trolling or otherwise insulting KDE.  I was a Macintosh user back when the platform was based on the Motorola 68xxx (Mac, Mac Plus, Mac Centris) chip and now I use a home-built PC, Linux, and kernel 2.6.  I have noticed these minor errors in KDE 3.2 and I'm sure they will be changed in future releases.

At the user-interface site, "AskTog", it is mentioned that the reason the menus don't activate on border-clicks but instead have a one-pixel separation from the edge is a Qt problem that is being worked.

Is what I've described an issue of KDE or Qt?
The content of the message is a reflection only of the writer and not of my employer, AT&T, or Tybrin.

Robert Tilley

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