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WP8 for Linux is toast in KDE 3.2

KDE 3.2 depends on xlibs 4.3.x, which conflicts with xlibs6, which is
required for WP8 for Linux to run.  Therefore, WP8 is toast.

But we still need to run WP here.  AFAICT, the only other option is WP2K4L. 
I'll consider buying a copy, but I want to be sure first that it will work
with KDE 3.2.  Is anyone else running this combination?  How's it working
for you?

I looked into Star Office, which is supposed to have a read/write WP
conversion filter.  But it turns out that the WP filter isn't included in
the Linux version.

Are there other KDE 3.2 users who are reading and writing WP documents? 
What's your solution?


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