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RE: WP8 for Linux is toast in KDE 3.2

My main word processor is WP8!

Haven't switched to KDE 3.2 yet though.  Thanks for the pre-warning.  I hope
there is a solution.

On 19-Feb-2004 Andrew Schulman wrote:
> KDE 3.2 depends on xlibs 4.3.x, which conflicts with xlibs6, which is
> required for WP8 for Linux to run.  Therefore, WP8 is toast.
> But we still need to run WP here.  AFAICT, the only other option is WP2K4L. 
> I'll consider buying a copy, but I want to be sure first that it will work
> with KDE 3.2.  Is anyone else running this combination?  How's it working
> for you?
> I looked into Star Office, which is supposed to have a read/write WP
> conversion filter.  But it turns out that the WP filter isn't included in
> the Linux version.
> Are there other KDE 3.2 users who are reading and writing WP documents? 
> What's your solution?
> Thanks,
> Andrew.
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