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Re: Openoffice for woody and libfreetype6 > 2.1???

Am Freitag, 24. Oktober 2003 20:48 schrieb Paul Cupis:
> Yes, it looks like you machine is in an unknown state. Care to show us
> exactly what happens when you try to downgrade libfreetype? Have you
> considered upgrading to Debian/testing?

The funny thing is, that two of my friends have the same libfreetype6 version.

After I downgraded the libfreetype6 to 1.09 dselect wants to remove the 
complete KDE and some other components of my system.
The list of updated or removed packages had nearly 250 elements. :-(

Now I guess, that this problem may caused by the kandalf KDE packages I've 
installed some time ago.

Maybe I should try to downgrade with a preferences file???


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