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Re: Openoffice for woody and libfreetype6 > 2.1???

Hello Paul 

Thank you for answering.

Am Freitag, 24. Oktober 2003 13:42 schrieb Paul Cupis:
> On Fri, Oct 24, 2003 at 01:45:24AM +0200, Markus Hofmann wrote:
> > Does anyone know a woody-source for OpenOffice??
> http://www.linux-debian.de/openoffice is where the Debian-OpenOffice
> team do their work.

I tried these sources. Before I've installed some backports for debian I used 
the testing source from openoffice. 3 days ago I made a complete dselect 
update. After this update my openoffice couldn't be reinstalled.

> > I knew apt-get.org, but i can't find a source which matches with my
> > libfreetype6 there. I have 2.1.3 installed, but all woody sources I found
> > were build for/with libfreetype6 smaller 2.1.
> paul@kippax:~$ apt-show-versions -a libfreetype6
> libfreetype6    2.1.5-3 install ok installed
> libfreetype6    2.0.9-1 stable
> libfreetype6    2.1.5-2 testing
> libfreetype6    2.1.5-3 unstable
> libfreetype6/unstable uptodate 2.1.5-3

Here my apt-show-versions:
libfreetype6    2.1.3-7 install ok installed
libfreetype6    2.0.9-1 stable
libfreetype6: No available version

> Woody has libfreetype6 version 2.0.9-1, therefore that is what a Woody
> backport should be using.
> If you are using libfreetype6 2.1, you are not using Woody packages, so
> it's unlikely that any backports will work. I recommend that you
> downgrade libfreetype6 to it's Woody package and use the Woody
> OpenOffice.org backport.

I already tried to downgrade libfreetype, but after downgrading it my systen 
wants to remove nearly my complete system! :-( That Isn't the way I want to 
do. :-(

> Unless you have another reason to have libfreetype6 2.1?
> Paul Cupis


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