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Re: konqueror/desktop user settings

On Sunday 26 October 2003 00:15, David Pye wrote:
> Hi,
> All the user settings are stored in the .kde directory within the users'
> homedirs.
> You could copy them from user to user (remember to change the ownership so
> it belongs to the user who will be using it).
[for j=1 to new_users]
   cp -a /home/base_user/.kde /home/user_j/.kde
   chmod -R user_j.user_j /home/user_j/.kde

that's all ?  :-O
great, thanks!

> If all the users you will make will have the same, you can put the files
> into /etc/skel or wherever your distribution stores the skeleton user
> homedirs.
Uhm, this sounds new to me: AFAIK when you create a new user all you get is 
a /home/newuser dir with .bash* files.
Anyway the solution above is what I was looking for.

> Hope that helps,

Yes, thank you !

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