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Re: konqueror/desktop user settings


All the user settings are stored in the .kde directory within the users' 

You could copy them from user to user (remember to change the ownership so it 
belongs to the user who will be using it).

If all the users you will make will have the same, you can put the files into 
/etc/skel or wherever your distribution stores the skeleton user homedirs.

Hope that helps,


On Saturday 25 October 2003 22:26, Gabriele Persia wrote:
> Hello,
> is there a "smart" way of cloning desktop settings ?
> I have to create 4 users accounts and there are a few settings I would like
> to share among them.
> I hope there is a better way then going to the control center when the
> wizard has done.
> The settings/preferences I always choose:
> country/language: italy/italian
>  launch application notification  [OFF]
>  icons on buttons
>  screensaver (self-start, 8') [The Matrix]
>  color schema: Keramic
>  konqueror start page: www.google.it (+ bookmarked)
>  konqueror bookmarks toolbar [UNHIDE]
>  konqueror java: /usr/local/j2re___/bin/java (blackdown java)
>  konqueror javascript: smart popup windows
>  dict button + lock/logout applet + lcd-look clock (kicker)
> and so on...
> Any idea?
> Thanks in advance,
> Gabriele Persia
> P.S. copying conf/rc files by hand (as root) takes almost the same time I
> need to do the job via kde-desktop. Maybe with a perl script...

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