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konqueror/desktop user settings


is there a "smart" way of cloning desktop settings ?

I have to create 4 users accounts and there are a few settings I would like to 
share among them.

I hope there is a better way then going to the control center when the wizard 
has done.

The settings/preferences I always choose:

country/language: italy/italian
 launch application notification  [OFF]
 icons on buttons
 screensaver (self-start, 8') [The Matrix]
 color schema: Keramic
 konqueror start page: www.google.it (+ bookmarked)
 konqueror bookmarks toolbar [UNHIDE]
 konqueror java: /usr/local/j2re___/bin/java (blackdown java)
 konqueror javascript: smart popup windows
 dict button + lock/logout applet + lcd-look clock (kicker)
and so on...

Any idea?

Thanks in advance,
Gabriele Persia

P.S. copying conf/rc files by hand (as root) takes almost the same time I need 
to do the job via kde-desktop. Maybe with a perl script...

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