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Re: KDE font woes

Chris Horn wrote:

> I have a very puzzling problem.  I've been fiddling with fonts and KDE all
> night, but been unable to make them work when I'm using KDE, logged in as
> my user.
> When I log in as root and run kcontrol, everything is pretty.  Fonts work
> and
> life seems good.  When I run kcontrol, or kmail, as my user, though, only
> a very small set of [crappy] fonts appear in any of the KDE font choosing
> menus.
> I'm running an unstable updated tonight.  I have tried using X's (4.2.1)
> native font handling, or whatever it's called - specifying font paths
> through
> the XF86Config-4 file.  That mostly worked, but the fonts looked like crap
> -
> quite jagged.  So, I put on xfs-xtt, told X to use that, and now my fonts
> look great in all applications that aren't KDE-based.
> What's the deal here?  Why do fonts look fine when I'm root, but not a
> user? I don't use the KDE desktop (or any desktop environment, for that
> matter) and
> have no desire to.  Will KDE just not play nicely with non-KDE font
> systems?

I have absolutely no problems with KDE fonts, but I'm running the default
Libranet configuration, which grabs only from stable and testing, never

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