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Re: What are the best windowed IRC clients, and which are apt-get'able?

Nathaniel W. Turner (nate@houseofnate.net) wrote on 10:51:17PM 20/10/03:
> I can't really speak about KVIrc, as the last time I used it was awhile ago.  
> The KVIrc I used then was a confusing mess of nonstandard widgets that 
> appeared to have been thrown together with little regard for usability.  It 
> didn't even use a standard KDE menu bar; it had some sort of horizontal 
> collection of text buttons or something that sort of looked like a menu, but 
> didn't behave quite like one.  I found it very difficult to use.

It is exactly this kind of idiocies that I hope to remove from the
legacy KVIrc code. Lots of things were done in non-standard ways
(partly, I suppose, because Qt and KDE were not really quite usable yet
in those days). Hopefully, the upcoming 2.1.3 release will be cleaner
and more easy to use, and more in line with the KDE usability guidelines.

> However, it sounds like Robin Verduijn has been working hard to improve KVIrc.  
> I'm suspect it's much better now.

Thanks a lot :)
- Robin

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