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Re: What are the best windowed IRC clients, and which are apt-get'able?

On Wed, Oct 15, 2003 at 10:47:38PM -0800, hereon1@fastmail.us wrote:
> I'm looking for something like mIRC in windows.  I like: multi chat
> windows.  nice channel list functions (sort by name, # users). Lots of
> other options.
> I see here several irc clients:
> http://www.kde.com/Applications/Communications/IRC/index.php
> Unfortunately, that page doesn't have any comparitive ratings or
> popularity rankings.
> http://linux.tucows.com/irc_pop.html 
> has ratings & popularity.  I found xchat from there w/ dpkg -l.  On that
> page, keirc is the only KDE specific irc client listed.

And keirc doesn't even seem to exist anymore... tucows appears to be way
out of date. It also doesn't list the best console irc client which is

> Are there any other web pages listing & comparing IRC sw?

don't know

> What are the best gui mode irc clients?  Which are .deb packaged?  I
> don't care if they are kde specific, but that would be nice.

From what I hear most people who use gui irc clients run X-chat,
konversation appears to be an X-chat clone for KDE. Personally I don't
like gui irc clients so I run irssi-text.

> Is there a way I could I find out the answer to that question by myself?

You could use something like:

apt-cache search irc
apt-cache search kde irc

Those will give some false positives but it will definitely be a short
list than all packages in the archive.

> I used dselect to look at the complete list of packages, and looked for
> kirc & didn't find it.

kirc appears to be some kde irc client for KDE 1.1 (long since dead).

> I did dpkg -l "*irc*" and saw ksirc & kvirc.

There is also kopete which is a KDE IM program with an IRC plugin.


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