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What are the best windowed IRC clients, and which are apt-get'able?

I'm looking for something like mIRC in windows.  I like: multi chat
windows.  nice channel list functions (sort by name, # users). Lots of
other options.

I see here several irc clients:
Unfortunately, that page doesn't have any comparitive ratings or
popularity rankings.

has ratings & popularity.  I found xchat from there w/ dpkg -l.  On that
page, keirc is the only KDE specific irc client listed.

Are there any other web pages listing & comparing IRC sw?

What are the best gui mode irc clients?  Which are .deb packaged?  I
don't care if they are kde specific, but that would be nice.

Is there a way I could I find out the answer to that question by myself?

I used dselect to look at the complete list of packages, and looked for
kirc & didn't find it.

I did dpkg -l "*irc*" and saw ksirc & kvirc.

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