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Re: kde xfree86 experimental

A Dimecres 15 Octubre 2003 16:26, Michele Mariottini va escriure:
> I've a very slow startup from kdm, and it happens since I've
> intsalled xfree86 v1 pre3 deb packages (SID, kde 3.1.3 - 4 , kernel 2.4.22
> , and mach64-20031013 snapshot of dri).  About 120 - 150 seconds from when
> kdm is launched ...  (with the same config, but xfree86-, I got
> it about in 30 40 sec. ...)

Probably it's due to fontconfig, when you installed the new xfree also you 
updated your bitmap fonts (which are a lot). If your fontconfig also deals 
with bitmap fonts you have to refresh the fontconfig cache.
Run as root:

# fc-cache -v
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