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kde xfree86 experimental

Ciao :)

I've a very slow startup from kdm, and it happens since I've intsalled xfree86 v1 pre3 deb packages (SID, kde 3.1.3 - 4 , kernel 2.4.22 , and mach64-20031013 snapshot of dri). About 120 - 150 seconds from when kdm is launched ... (with the same config, but xfree86-, I got it about in 30 40 sec. ...) When kde is launched and it is ready, I click on the screen ... and the first menu pop up in about 10 - 15 seconds :((( .... and after, like as a miracle, my kde begin very fast and smart ... better then before :)

I know that xfree86 4.3.0 is in experimental, and I don't wnat ask the moon, but if someone has experienced a similar problem and he could me a workaround, some advice .... I will be very very happy :)

I try to find some help on google, debian-x list, but I can not find some of usefull ...

        excuse my english


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