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Re: Doesn't & shouldn't kde-core have a depend-require on an X system?

On Tuesday 14 October 2003 11:09, Hendrik Sattler wrote:

> Actually, it's better to setup the system in steps, with installing and
> configuring X before installing a window manager or desktop environment.

Really the only thing that can go wrong is the XFree86 configuration, so 
whether they are installed in one go or seperate makes no difference afaics..

In my oppinion, the only difficult part in getting it up and running is 
finding the metapackage for xfree86. The one that installs server and fonts 
and all the basic things you need for XFree86 to work. I always forget what 
it's called and spend 10-30 minutes or more searching for it in aptitude when 
I install a new system (which I don't do that often you see)..

For KDE it's just kdebase, kdelibs and arts, and I always remember that for 
some reason.


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