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Re: Doesn't & shouldn't kde-core have a depend-require on an X system?

--- Malte Cornils <malte@cornils.net> wrote:
> > [...] Neither pulled down an X server [...]
> > Shouldn't kde-core have a depend requires on an X server?
> You can install graphical applications on systems without an X server, and 
> then login via ssh using X-Forwarding. So graphical applications are useful
> even without a (local) X Server.
> Maybe you could have a suggests: line, but certainly not a depend...

Thanks for this information.  :)

I agree that is true.  But I suspect that the _vast_ majority of instances
where kde-core will be installed will be for use on a system where the user
will be working on that system, & hence the system   _will not work__ 
without X.  Thus, I think it is a wrong design choice to make to not have the
kde-core deb package designed such that an X server is, as you mentioned, at
least _strongly_ suggested, if that is at all possible.  Moreover, requiring
X should be the default mode, since, IIAC (If I Am Correct), that indeed is
the vastly most common way it will be used/needed.

I can think of several possible remedies for this situation:

1) Perhaps there should be a "kde-core-normal" or "kde-core-workstation" mode
that _requires_ this dependency.

2) Perhaps kde-core should make use of a "strongly-recommended" flag, if some
such flag is available.  (But, I really this this idea is _much_ worse than

3) Someone more familiar with the options could perhaps come up w/ something
better than the above two.

But, _definitely_, IMHO, the current choice is really not the way things
should be. !

The default configuration should be for the most common situation.  :)

To the KDE packager:  What solution(s) do you think would be best for this

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