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Re: Doesn't & shouldn't kde-core have a depend-require on an X system?

Am Dienstag, 14. Oktober 2003 06:36 schrieb Hereon:
> I agree that is true.  But I suspect that the _vast_ majority of instances
> where kde-core will be installed will be for use on a system where the user
> will be working on that system, & hence the system   _will not work__
> without X.  Thus, I think it is a wrong design choice to make to not have
> the kde-core deb package designed such that an X server is, as you
> mentioned, at least _strongly_ suggested, if that is at all possible. 
> Moreover, requiring X should be the default mode, since, IIAC (If I Am
> Correct), that indeed is the vastly most common way it will be used/needed.

Maybe it's easier to let people realize that those are independent parts. KDE 
does not require a local nor the other way 'round.
Do you suggest a poll about what is the common way of installing it?

Actually, it's better to setup the system in steps, with installing and 
configuring X before installing a window manager or desktop environment.


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