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Re: Spam because of this list

On Monday 06 October 2003 12:26, Antiphon wrote:
> Your example undermines your argument since no script could be written to
> get around all of the possible variations on the simple way I outlined.
> Good munging uses HTML entities to encode the relevant addresses so that
> each person's address is never actually displayed inside the HTML which is
> what the bots look for. Onscreen, it looks exactly the same.
> joe@user.or.jp becomes in HTML:
> joe@user.or.j

I don't click on stuff I just hit reply for my email program. Also since you 
brought that format up. Also I have html mail disabled so if you send 
something like that it becomes unuseable.

import sgmllib
yourmungedstring = 
sgmllib.charref.sub(lambda x: chr(int(x.group(1))), yourmungedstring)

That gives 'joe@user.or.jp'

I have talked with some people and I am assured that most spam crawlers can 
deal with that also.

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