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Re: Spam because of this list

Your example undermines your argument since no script could be written to get 
around all of the possible variations on the simple way I outlined. 

Good munging uses HTML entities to encode the relevant addresses so that each 
person's address is never actually displayed inside the HTML which is what 
the bots look for. Onscreen, it looks exactly the same.

joe@user.or.jp becomes in HTML:

You could also munge the @ sign and around it as I said in the previous 
example. However, using only the entity way I outlined above would be more 
convenient for someone like you who wants clickability.

On Monday 06 October 2003 14:00, kosh wrote:
> On Monday 06 October 2003 11:47, Antiphon wrote:
> > Munging does not mean only removing the domain. It can be simply a matter
> > of making joe@user.or.jp into joe at user dot or dot jp. That's not too
> > hard for someone to figure out.
> If I have to figure it out then I won't reply. I get thousands of email a
> day and reply to some of them to help people. There are so many that I
> could reply to anyone that makes my life just a little more difficult will
> not get a reply. Also do you honestly think that the bots are not smart
> enough to deal with that?
> 'joe at user dot or dot jp'.replace(' dot ','.').replace(' at ', '@')
> Paste that into a python interpreter and you will see that one line fixes
> that address just fine. It is silly to think that address harvesters don't
> have lots of ways of fixing email addresses. Only the complex ones will
> have much chance of working and only so long as lots of people don't use
> them otherwise it will just be programmed in as another type of email
> address to convert.

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