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spam problem because of this list....

hallo to everyone,

one and a have week ago i noticed that someone wants to bomb me with spam 
(about 100 mails a day). because i can not stand this i changed two days ago 
all my e-mail adresses and yesterday i corrected them in the debian-kde, the 
debian-announce and the debian-news-german list.
This evening i have received spam. i can not imagin why but the adress it was 
send to is debian-list@brain-frog.de. this is a adress i created 2 days ago 
an i only have told to the mailinglist html interface from this three debian 
lists above. in the last case, bevore i have changed all my adresses spam 
came as well in over the same adress which was in debian-kde etc.
is it possible that the spam and this list have anything in common in my case 
or does anyone else have simmilar problems?
i would be very pleased to have a solution for this because i want to read 
this lists but i do not want to changen my complete email setup 3 times a 
thank you in advance

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