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Re: What happened to PyKDE?

On Tue, Sep 16, 2003 at 07:35:57PM +0200, Qerub wrote:
> Doug Holland wrote:
> > I just did a little googling to try to find PyKDE packages for sid (so I
> > can try Slickbar in superkaramba), and haven't had any luck locating them.
> > 
> > Anybody have any idea where such packages live, and why are they not in
> > sid?
> Last time I talked with Ricardo they were on their way - they just have to
> pass The Gates Guarded By The FTP Masters.

Sorry about being so late answering this. I was out on vacation. The
packages aren't at upload queue. I just stated (IIRC), that I was on my
way to make definitive packages for PyKDE 3.8. Last time Jim put stable
packages was at PyQt 3.5 time, and since then, no other compatible with
modern "sip" implementationes until PyKDE 3.7, which immediately got
obsolete because of sip/PyQt 3.8, which introduced backward
incompatibilities. So I then waited for PyKDE 3.8. I've been having
problems with PyQt lately (Qt2 version), but now that I've solved them
(I hope), I can focus again on PyKDE. You should expect packages for
this weekend-next monday (at people.debian.org or experimental) and then
an upload if anything goes wrong.


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