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No system sound on KDE 3.1

Hello there. (and excuse my broken english)

I have a peculiar problem.
On my linux box, I have kde 3.1.4 from kde.org with a custom kernel 2.4.21 
with alsa for a SB live.

Sound work. I can use xmms, mplayer, and in the sound server panel, the test 
works very well.

But I don't have any system sound.

I had a look at the archives and found I can Install libarts1-audiofile.
It's now done, but I still don't have system sound.

The KDE_Startup.wav is perfectly played on "test the server" button but not If 
I do click the small play icon in system notification for kde startup.

I tried to use an external app in config... 
in a console 
/usr/bin/wavp /usr/share/sounds/KDE_Startup.wav
works very well
but using /usr/bin/wavp as an external programm doesn't produce any sound for 
system notification.

I'm puzzled.

Any idea?

(TIA for posting both to me and the list since I'm not a list subscriber).
Debian powered computer

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