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Re: spam problem because of this list....

On Wednesday 24 September 2003 3:39 pm, Wolfgang Mader wrote:
> hallo to everyone,
> one and a have week ago i noticed that someone wants to bomb me with spam
> (about 100 mails a day). because i can not stand this i changed two days
> ago all my e-mail adresses and yesterday i corrected them in the
> debian-kde, the debian-announce and the debian-news-german list.
> This evening i have received spam. i can not imagin why but the adress it
> was send to is debian-list@brain-frog.de. this is a adress i created 2 days
> ago an i only have told to the mailinglist html interface from this three
> debian lists above. in the last case, bevore i have changed all my adresses
> spam came as well in over the same adress which was in debian-kde etc.
> is it possible that the spam and this list have anything in common in my
> case or does anyone else have simmilar problems?
> i would be very pleased to have a solution for this because i want to read
> this lists but i do not want to changen my complete email setup 3 times a
> week.
> thank you in advance
> wolfgang

The solution is better list management. A responsible list manager munges the 
sender's addresses in the Web archives. Many lists that I subscribe to do a 
simple 'user at domain.com' sort of munge. Even better is munging all 
addresses in Web archives to the list address, see 
http://lists.pdxlinux.org/pipermail/plug/2003-September/022007.html for an 
example. Note how the sender's address is munged to plug@lists.pdxlinux.org.

Address-harvesting bots are rampant, the fastest I ever saw spammed me the 
same day my address appeared on a Web page.

Some spammers subscribe to lists just to collect more addresses, but I think 
that is not that common, it's too much work. I think it is not good list 
management to leave subscriber's addresses wide-open to spammers.

Carla Schroder
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