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Re: kdebase upgrade 3.1.3, apt sources not including ftp.kde.org, how to interpret the results of apt-get errors?

On 11.Sep 2003 - 21:36:52, Warren Postma wrote:
> When I try a "apt-get -t untable dist-upgrade", I notice kdebase is 
> being held back.

Not here. Sid System.

> So I tried to do an upgrade of kdebase "apt-get -t unstable install 
> kdebase". It says it can't because of a dependency on sysguard.  So I 
> try to install sysguard, and it says it has a dependency on sysguardd, 
> and sysguardd has a dependency on libsensors which is not installable, 
> no such package.

I still have the package, as I installed it together with kdebase
3.1.2. Looks like the package-dependecys are again broken and I think
Chris will solve this with the next package release, but it could last
a bit, as he wants to recompile KDE against the qt3.2 that is in sid
now and brings up many problems.

> I appear to have the same problem as the other fellow 
> who is trying to install kdebase 3.1.3. Since I already have 3.1.2 
> installed I don't see as I have to upgrade, but I am nonetheless eager 
> to learnwhat is *really* going on here...

This should be explained at bugs.debian.org, under the ksysguardd

> Does this essentially mean that the Debian unstable branch does not have 
> a complete working set of packages?  Have I apprehended the situation, 
> or has the situation eluded me?  If you could advise, I'd be grateful.

Yes thats right, but beside ksysguard you can install every other
kdebase package. And if you want I can mail you libsensors-1debian1
package. But because of this unstable is called unstable, this is
supposed to happen from time to time. So you have to wait for a new
ksysguardd package.


It was all so different before everything changed.

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