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Unstable upgrade caused SOME fonts to go away.

I just recently upgraded my unstable version of Debian that I run under VMWare
(don't know if that matters) and have had a strange problem.  Right from when
kdm comes up, many of the controls don't show any text.

In the referenced tarball below I have stuck pictures of the user interface
before and after the upgrade (named appropriately before.jpg and after.jpg).
There is also a text file containing the transcript of the apt-get upgrade.


Here's some notes on behaviour:
SOME text fields are fine.
While Konsole comes up blank, if I cover it with another window and the uncover
it the text is usually there.
This makes me believe it's not really the font, but the control.
Sometimes it looks like the text is drawn on screen THEN the background is
The high-lighted entry in a menu usually shows fine, but none of the
"un-selected" ones do. (see menu.jpg)
Non KDE apps are unaffected.  (e.g. Xterm is fine)

So, this looks to me like a QT bug (or cache problem or misconfiguration or
???).  Is there something in the transcript that would point to what package is
causing me grief?  

Please have a look at the pictures and tell me what you think I should do....or
if you would like more info....

Ian Williamson
Senior Software Engineer/ASIC Project Manager
NovAtel Inc.

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