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Re: Unstable upgrade caused SOME fonts to go away.

Just to follow up to my previous question:

I got a little help from the folks on the #debian-kde IRC channel and they
suggested backing up some packages.
I started doing that, but it was messy, so, since I am running under VMWare, I
went back to a previous, working snapshot, and started upgrading packages one at
a time....

The culprit is xserver-xfree86.  Nothing KDE/QT involved at all -- though it
does just seem to affect QT controls.

Now I'm thinking maybe it's an xserver-xfree86 / VMWare interaction.  

Can someone suggest where I might ask about what changed between xserver-xfree86
Versions 4.2.1-10 and 4.2.1-11?  I'm already following up with VMWare, but I'd
like to tackle it from both sides.

Thanks to those that contacted me with help.


Ian Williamson
Senior Software Engineer/ASIC Project Manager
NovAtel Inc.

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