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default web browser

I have an install of sid on my laptop (with non-free sources) and the only software on the machine that doesn't come from .deb files is the 0.2 version of thunderbird (mozilla mail/news client). I do use kde (straight from sid) and X 4.3 (from Daniel Stone) (though there is probably a way to solve this problem independent of my particular desktop environment).

Thunderbird automatically "makes a link" out of any http[s] url that it finds in incoming mail, but clicking on it doesn't actually do anything. I can right click on the link, (and choose "Copy Link Location") and then paste that link into the browser of my choice (mozilla or konqueror), but this is slightly cumbersome. Does anyone have any suggestion as to how I might be able to configure something so that when I left click (or middle click) on the link in my thunderbird mail client that it would automatically open a new browser (window or tab -- i don't care which) for either mozilla or konqueror?

	thanks so much in advance,

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