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Re: default web browser

> Thunderbird automatically "makes a link" out of any http[s] url that it
> finds in incoming mail, but clicking on it doesn't actually do
> anything. I can right click on the link, (and choose "Copy Link
> Location") and then paste that link into the browser of my choice
> (mozilla or konqueror), but this is slightly cumbersome.  Does anyone
> have any suggestion as to how I might be able to configure something so
> that when I left click (or middle click) on the link in my thunderbird
> mail client that it would automatically open a new browser (window or
> tab -- i don't care which) for either mozilla or konqueror?

It is an unresolved bug in the code. The Mozilla folks are still working 
on this and hope to have it resolved in the next revision.

It is annoying as hell and I wish there was a way to get around it untuil 
it is fixed. I simply went back to using the Mozilla mail client until it 
is fixed.

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