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compiling koffice 1.2.1 in Woody with KDE3.1.3

I managed to compile koffice 1.2.1 using the debian sources (by Ben Burton) that requierd automake 1.5 and other stuff existing in woody.  I also had to resolve some
path issues with QT3 libs and headers and install more packages that were
not found during configure.

The only problem I have right now is that the documentations are not
installed.  If I go to Khelpcenter I can see the help item for kword but
clicking on it does nothing.  But the source contains docbooks for all the
programs in koffice and "make install" or "make install all" didn't install

Looking at the config.log I only see "dot" is missing.  But I don't know
what that is.

What I'm I missing?



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