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Re: default web browser

Am Dienstag, 9. September 2003 15:08 schrieb charlie derr:
> Thunderbird automatically "makes a link" out of any http[s] url that it
> finds in incoming mail, but clicking on it doesn't actually do anything.
>   I can right click on the link, (and choose "Copy Link Location") and
> then paste that link into the browser of my choice (mozilla or
> konqueror), but this is slightly cumbersome.  Does anyone have any
> suggestion as to how I might be able to configure something so that when
> I left click (or middle click) on the link in my thunderbird mail client
> that it would automatically open a new browser (window or tab -- i don't
> care which) for either mozilla or konqueror?

Just a short note: this has nothing to do with either Debian or KDE.


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