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Re: KDM/X authorization problems on a laptop

sotnabeaivi, čakčamánu 7. b. 2003 16.43, Kjetil Kjernsmo čálii:
> Uhm, sorry to follow up on myself, but I got an idea from Wolfgang Mader
> off-list (thanks, Wolfgang), that helped me get a bit further, but we
> couldn't get all the way. So I'm hoping this rings some bells... :-)
> Basically, what he suggested was that I could set
> export DISPLAY=localhost:1
> and then start a new X server, X :1.
> That works.
> From there, I could start an xterm, then startkde. The splash screen
> displays the progress as usual, mostly like I've previously described:
Could it be that some of your partitions are full, and X fails because of 


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