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Re: Pinentry [plus kmail problem]

On Monday 08 September 2003 15:11, Gurke wrote:

> btw: has anybody else got this problem:
> if kmail crashes (or the xserver crashes and takes kmail down), my messages
> in the in/outbox, sentmail and trash all have an unknown subject, an
> unknown sender/destination adress and a date of 1970-01-01/23:59 (or
> something like that, i can't reproduce it right now...). When i look at
> them with an ascii-viewer, they contain just the headers and are empty.

I can confirm this problem. But I never lost mail, the messages always have 
already been sent - so I guess kmail deletes the mails from the outbox, but 
not from some index structure, and then regenerates the empty mails because 
"it knows they are there". (I always immediately send mail, so I don't know 
what happens if you let mail queue in kmail)

-- vbi

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