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Re: kvim/vimpart on ppc

Le mercredi 06/04/03 Mickael Marchand <marchand@kde.org> a écrit :
> there are kvim and vimpart debs for woody on http://debian.freenux.org ;) 
> (look at http://freenux.org for apt lines)
> sid already have them (kvim and libvimpart0)


I've installed your kvim and libvimpart0 deb on my Debian sid but I'm
not able to make vimpart works well (but kvim alone is already amazing! :-)

The test in the kcontrol program run succesfully and I've made some test
with DCOP and X11 communication system without success.

When I select the vim component in the View menu of konqueror, an
external kvim window appear and a download dialog box. Once the download
dialog box is closed (at the end of the downloading) nothing else appear
(the kvim window stays empty).

No bugs about that was filled in the BTS so before fill it one I would
like to know if somebody else had got the same problem and/or have a
solution (perhaps I've missed something in the configuration of

Thanks for your help.
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