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Internet connection

Hi all,
       I'm a new KDE user on a new machine -- AmigaOne. I've been following this
list since I got it -- a month now. I find it a difficult to understand some of topics,
but I'm just a beginner.
       Sorry I can't write this message from the KDE desktop, but I'm having
difficulty with 'https protocol errors.' I think this refers to -- secured connections.
The Konqueror browser is limited to browsing only.
       So, can I undo the 'ppp generic' module? In the AmigaOne instructions, I
wasn't suppose to install any, but I was having some interface difficulty.
       Any info on internet connections would be helpful.
Thanks, Dennis Smith

REF: AmigaOnePPC, Debian-Linux3.0r1,KDE2.2.2

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