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Re: Printing TT fonts from KDE Apps

>> How can I change this? I need to be able to publish Office files as
>> PDF.
> Did you try using kprinter as the generic printer in OO yet ?

As Ralf suggests, using kprinter as the output for OOo (and other non-KDE
apps, such as Mozilla or Acrobat Reader) is probably your best bet; you
can then print to any printer set up in KDE, including the Print to PDF
function. I just did a test and a two-page OOo text document turned into a
4k PDF file.

Here's how to set it up:

1. run spadmin:

user@box $ cd /usr/lib/openoffice/program
user@box $ ./spadmin

2. Set up a printer; either edit the properties of the generic printer (if
there), or set up a new one.

3. In the "Select Command" box, type:

	kprinter --stdin

4. Select your default paper size.

5. Click "Test Page" - the Kprinter dialogue should come up. Try it out,
or cancel as you want.

6. Click on "Default" to make this the default printer, and click Close

This also allows you to access any printers set up in kprinter without
having to recreate them in OpenOffice.

For Mozilla, just put "kprinter --stdin" in the Printer Command box. For
some apps, i.e. Acrobat Reader, you just need "kprinter", without the

By the way, my problem with TT fonts (at least the problem with all TT
fonts printing as Helvetica) seemed to be solved by selecting "Embed Fonts
in Postscript Data" in the system options in Kprinter; the blocky fonts
problem seemed to be specific to KCDLabel, and I "solved" that by using
OOo Draw to create my CD labels - which worked great.


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