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Printing TT fonts from KDE Apps

I have looked through the recent posts about problems using truetype fonts
in KDE, but am not entirely sure what the result was, or if my problem is
caused by these issues. I am running KDE 3.1.1 from Ralf's debs, on a
mixed Woody/Sid system. I haven't done any manual tweaking of
configuration files (mostly because I don't know what I am doing), I just
installed all the fonts from the KDE control panel font installer.

My problem is that truetype fonts, when used in KDE apps, display properly
(antialiased or not), but, depending on which app I am printing from,
either print out as helvetica (or something similar), or as jagged bitmaps
reminiscent of Windows 2.2 without ATM (for those of you who recall the
late 80's).

The problem is only with KDE apps; TT fonts print fine from OpenOffice -
even when piped through kprinter (I use kprinter --stdin as the print
command for OO, Mozilla, Acrobat Reader, etc.).

If I print a sample of 5 TT fonts from KWord, all but courier will print
as helvetica. It looks as though in this case, some decision is made by
the system "I can't print these fonts, so I am going to default to
helvetica". Printing to a PS file looks perfect, but then printing the
file to paper will also map everything to helvetica.

For other programs, such as KCDLabel, the fonts print out as jagged
bitmaps. The decision made by the system here seems to be "I can't print
these fonts, so I am going to convert them to terrible looking bitmaps".
Interestingly, for kcdlabel, if I print the label to a PS file, it looks
the same as when printed - jagged bitmaps.

 The following packages are installed:

defoma 		0.11.0
fontconfig 	2.1.92-2
libfreetype6	2.1.3+2.1.4rc2-3

Apologies if this has been answered, but if it was I don't know enough
about how font servers work to figure it out.


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