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Re: Upgrade from Woody(stable) to KDE3.1

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On Samstag, 8. März 2003 21:41, John Gay wrote:
> After several nights fetching Ralf's packages, Linux Format put KDE3.1 onto
> it's cover DVD, including sources and .deb's, so I thought I'd save time by
> installing these instead. Unfortunately, they didn't seem to be the correct
> version. After several fights with apt, dpkg and my brain, I eventually got
> all of Ralf's .deb's installed.
> As far as I could tell, Ralf's .deb's had no problem up upgrading the
> system. Once I had apt-get installed the packages listed, I then ran
> apt-get dist-upgrade to clean everything up and now I've got a shiny, new
> KDE3.1 desktop on my Woody system! It even kept all my configuration info
> like my E-Mail access for KMail, bookmarks for Konqueror and such. Thanx
> Ralf!
> So there doesn't 'seem' to be any problem using apt to install Ralf's
> .deb's onto a Woody system. Of course there were a few extra items I had to
> fetch seperately. I guess these were extra KDE3.1 packages that are not
> part of the Official KDE system.
> Of course these are the experiences of just one person. But I have
> maintained my system as a clean Woody system with only the security
> updates. Therefore this is one proven example that Ralf's .deb's cleanly
> upgrade a Woody system.

I think special thanks goes to credativ (www.credativ.de) who employs me part 
time and we installed woody systems recently that required KDE 3.1 at a 
customers site. If it weren't for that it would have taken me much longer to 
do this on a volunteer basis. Being a SuSE user for years I'm extremely 
impressed myself that Debian makes things so easy although it's been said to 
be an expert system only.  

BTW the new Knoppix 3.2 is using my packages also it seems :-) 

> Cheers,
>       John Gay

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