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Re: Upgrade from Woody(stable) to KDE3.1

>I think special thanks goes to credativ (www.credativ.de) who employs me
>time and we installed woody systems recently that required KDE 3.1 at a
>customers site.

Don't be so modest ;-) You deserve at least as much thanks as they do. But
then they do pay your wages.

> If it weren't for that it would have taken me much longer to
>do this on a volunteer basis. Being a SuSE user for years I'm extremely
>impressed myself that Debian makes things so easy although it's been said
>be an expert system only.
Debian quit being an expert only system when apt-get was introduced.
Progeny introduced the Debian way to many after Corel made a b00!!:* of
trying to bring Debian to the desktop.

>BTW the new Knoppix 3.2 is using my packages also it seems :-)
Imitation is the sincerest form of flatery,

Great work all round!


      John Gay

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