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Upgrade from Woody(stable) to KDE3.1

After several nights fetching Ralf's packages, Linux Format put KDE3.1 onto
it's cover DVD, including sources and .deb's, so I thought I'd save time by
installing these instead. Unfortunately, they didn't seem to be the correct
version. After several fights with apt, dpkg and my brain, I eventually got
all of Ralf's .deb's installed.

As far as I could tell, Ralf's .deb's had no problem up upgrading the
system. Once I had apt-get installed the packages listed, I then ran
apt-get dist-upgrade to clean everything up and now I've got a shiny, new
KDE3.1 desktop on my Woody system! It even kept all my configuration info
like my E-Mail access for KMail, bookmarks for Konqueror and such. Thanx

So there doesn't 'seem' to be any problem using apt to install Ralf's
.deb's onto a Woody system. Of course there were a few extra items I had to
fetch seperately. I guess these were extra KDE3.1 packages that are not
part of the Official KDE system.

Of course these are the experiences of just one person. But I have
maintained my system as a clean Woody system with only the security
updates. Therefore this is one proven example that Ralf's .deb's cleanly
upgrade a Woody system.


      John Gay

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