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Re: Where is kdenetwork, where is Chris?

On Wednesday 05 March 2003 17:19, Craig Dickson wrote:
> Are your packages still built with gcc 2.95, or have you moved to gcc
> 3.2?

Excuse my ignorance, but is it not possible to recompile a successful run for 
2.95 under 3.2 for somebody with "lisence to sid"? I have myself been in 
agony due to kdenetwork until somebody gave Chris' site as a source.

I'd really like to keep as few sites as possible in my sources.list so I had 
to download each deb from Chris and install with dpkg by hand. It's not that 
I don't trust you guys, I do since I use sid, all I want is a bit of control.

If anybody care for a piece of advice from a user, then konqueror, knews, 
knode and ksirc are kde apps used by many to get going with the rest after a 
release of kde. I don't say that kdegames are not important, but kdenetwork 
is more important.


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