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Shutting down a console locally...

Hi there,

This is probably an incredibly basic question, but a google seems to show 
nothing and I'm tearing my hair out trying to sort out how to allow users to 
shut down their local terminal easily at the end of an X session.

I have a small network here, at the moment an server running woody and KDE 
3.1, and two X Terms - similarly running woody and KDE. I've set up the X 
Terms to execute an 'X -query server' when they start up, and that all works 
fine and dandy - the greeter from the server comes up, they can log-in, work, 
and log-out (which, correctly, returns to the server's kdm greeter).

The problem is from that point, it's difficult for the user to close down 
their terminal. The Shutdown option on the greeter shuts down the server (NOT 
what I want!), and trying all the things I can think off (adding a 
ShutdownButton=ConsoleOnly to kdmrc, fiddling with the Control Center kdm tab 
(which, strangely, has a setting for shutting down the console, but it 
appears to have no effect on the greeter), etc.) does nothing...

The best we can come up with at the moment is a ctrl-bspace to drop to console 
login, login as root and issue a halt, but suerely there's a better way than 

Hmmm - sorry for such a long post!


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