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Re: Restricting konqueror to single instance

On Wednesday 19 February 2003 06:57 pm, csj@mindgate.net wrote:
> I decided to map konqueror to one of the extra buttons in my
> so-called "multimedia" keyboard. The problem is that if I press
> the button too long several instances of konqueror are
> started. Is there an option I can pass to konqueror or a config
> file setting that I can set that will prevent one konqueror
> session from starting if one is already running. I'm thinking of
> something like a "--server" option that will force the program to
> just connect to an existing session.

Just a comment: I have just the opposite desire in Mozilla -- I want to 
be able to start separate instances.  My problem is that I may have as 
many as 150 Mozilla tabs or Windows open at any time.  *When* (not if) 
Mozilla crashes, I lose all those pages, some of which may be open wiki 
(TWiki) edit windows.

There are some workarounds -- you can define additional Mozilla profiles 
and then each is a separate instance, and there is at least one Mozilla 
manager that attempts to remember the status (to some degree) of each 
open window so you can more easily recover after a crash.  (I haven't 
quite got either of these working  -- the manager that I know about 
requires Java, and I'm trying to puzzle out which files to copy to all 
profiles so as to preserve my preferences -- doesn't quite work as 

Anyway, my real point here is that if konqueror goes in one direction to 
support a way of minimizing instances, they should not go too far -- 
there should be a user friendly way to create multiple instances.

Randy Kramer

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