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Re: Rationale behind admin/debianrules (was: Qt Changes ahead - Info for package maintainers + developers)

måndagen den 10 februari 2003 14.05 skrev Mark Purcell:

> Am I missing something else by not using admin/debianrules?

I thinkthe current admin/debianrules is somewhat historical. Old versions 
contains much more helper stuff, and someone stripped that off at some time.
I have my own debian/debianrules, that contains common sequences used in KDE 
packages, like kind of special dh_xxx templates for KDE on debian. I also 
keep compiler flags for different architectures and such stuff there. The end 
result is that the debian/rules file becomes as simple as for normal simple 
The good thing with this is that when something of that need changing, like 
switches of C++ compiler, compiler flags etc., there often is no need for 
changes in the rules file. Ideally such a file should be kept with 
kdelibs-dev (or whatever it is named), and stores somewhere, but I have no 
control over that.


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