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Re: Qt Changes ahead - Info for package maintainers + developers

Monday 10 February 2003 16:51, skrev Nikita V. Youshchenko:
> > Qt 3 development requires (or should require) libqt-mt.so, Qt 2
> > development is using libqt.so.
> Are you sure?
> IMHO both libqt.so and libqt-mt.so can be used by Qt3 developers.
> First is for threadless apps, second for threaded.

This is true; however:

Is there actually any valid reason to link with libqt.so instead of 
It seems to me that even if you don't use the multithread functions, other 
software might, and therefore there is no good reason to keep libqt.so in 
memory *in addition* to libqt-mt.so

As such, there is no reason to keep the development version of the 
non-multithreaded version around; that way Qt2 development will still work.

(Unless Qt2 had a multithreading too, of course... did it?)

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