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Re: limitations of smb (konqueror)?

On Thursday 06 February 2003 01:43, Josep Febrer wrote:

> > files on smb: shares or even copying files to a smb-share
> > does not work.
> Try to patch your samba with this patch, worked to me with samba from
> stable:
> http://lisa-home.sourceforge.net/smbclientpatch.html

As far as I know, the real problem is that kio-smb does not use libsmbclient, 
but smbclient. The implementation using libsmbclient is already done, it 
seems, however you need to have the libsmbclient-dev package installed while 
compiling kde for the libsmbclient support to be compiled in. This has not 
happened for one of two reasons.

1) Package maintainers forgot/didn't know.

2) They are waiting for Samba 3 to be released.


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