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Re: KDE development for debian (was: Re: Test request (was: Re: Small strange problem))

lördagen den 4 januari 2003 20.37 skrev Ralf Nolden:

> The *.install files in the debian dirs for arts, kdelibs and kdebase were
> quite messed up with *.so and *.la files and the accordign *.so.* files.
> Now. In KDE, there's a differenciation between libraries and libraries :-)
> so here it goes:

I wrote about that problem some month(s) ago here.

My conclusion was that as almost every library in KDE can be dynamically 
loaded by libltdl (it must have something to do with KDE specifications or 
something), the safest is to put the .la file with the library where this is 
possible. The only cases where I put the .la file in the -dev package was 
where it could not be dynamically loaded.

If we could coordinate our findings and efforts there would be much better 
packages for sid, than if everyone have to find exactly the same things 
separately again and again. My packages are not just CVS snapshots and a 
clone of the CVS ones, but contain a lot of work that is not in the CVS. Some 
of it can be discussed, some does not belong and some is bugfixes or 

I would suggest one way would be to create a debian-kde-devel mailing-list, 
where everyone simple discusses and speaks about what they are doing and why, 
and reserve this list for user information and questions. That could also be 
a good information source and a way in for new kde-debian developers, 
anticipating the time when the current ones have no time anymore. That is 
otherwise the reoccuring problem, and it is getting harder and harder to get 
into it as KDE is getting more and more big and complicated. 


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