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Re: Test request (was: Re: Small strange problem)

`apt-get update`
`apt-get upgrade`

And... SOLVED!

Total time from reporting the bug, to having it fixed was less than 3 hours..

On Saturday 04 January 2003 11:37, you wrote:

> Michael's problem report is quite true :-) and the reason for that is the
> (sometimes quite confusing) packaging of libraries in kdelibs. Now, let me
> explain the background:

> However, I would like all of you who tested to please update and test again
> if this problem occurs to any other program that is using kparts, like
> kfind or whatever. If so, then I'll correct those problems incrementally.
> The new kdelibs version is uploaded and has the version info
> 3.0.99+cvs20030104-0woody2. Please make sure that you have those versions
> installed; with no -dev package. If the -dev package is there, you won't
> notice any problem so this won't help finding out if there's still
> something int he -dev package that belongs to kdelibs4 :-)
> Thank you for listening and your support for testing :-)

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