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Re: KDE development for debian (was: Re: Test request (was: Re: Small strange problem))

On Sun, 5 Jan 2003, Karolina Lindqvist wrote:

> If we could coordinate our findings and efforts there would be much better
> packages for sid, than if everyone have to find exactly the same things
> separately again and again. My packages are not just CVS snapshots and a
> clone of the CVS ones, but contain a lot of work that is not in the CVS. Some
> of it can be discussed, some does not belong and some is bugfixes or
> enhancements.

Why don't you just get yourself a CVS account for KDE and do the work in
the CVS repository? That's IMHO one of the easiest ways to communicate.
That way everyone _has_ to make sure they're in sync with other people's
reality and _have_ to make sure stuff works for everyone, work is not
duplicated etc....

I'm going home now. Thanks for listening. Have a safe flight. Long live
Victorinox.  And long live the Net.
        Bruce Sterling

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